AGM Minutes

The New Fringe AGM 1st December 2014
Church View

The meeting opened with an introduction of 2014 committee members

Martin Pick- Chair
Adam Ogden – Deputy Chair
Steve Bates- Treasurer
Rosemary Firth – Committee Member
Caroline Ogden – Committee Member

Thank were expressed to everybody attending with approximately 50 people present and to the 10 plus people who had emailed in with apologies for not being able to attend.

Thanks were also extended to DCDT for the use of Church View and for their continued support and encouragement.

Look back on 2014

The Chair gave a review of activity during 2014 and thanked all members for their support and contribution. The New Fringe has had an excellent year and has once again supported its members. It has given them a platform to develop their practice and contributed positively to the development of our local Arts Scene.
The Chair confirmed his intention to resign at the meeting and take up his place as a supportive and active member. He thanked the committee for their efforts and support and expressed enthusiasm for the future development group under the proposed new committee.
Steve Bates thanked the Chair for his efforts.

Financial report

The treasurer provided a summary of the group’s positive membership and financial position.
Membership is steady at 100 to 150
Membership of the Facebook Group has reached 100 and although encouraged to do so not all of the Group members have taken out New Fringe membership
The bank balance is steady at £4,500
A slight reduction in funds has occurred on the year following the purchase of 20 easels

Open Discussion

A lively discussion took place.

Invited by the Chair, Andrew Loretto provided an overview of the planned 2015 DN weekend and invited New Fringe members to make proposals. The deadline for applications is 16th January 2015.

Several members responded by expressing their dissatisfaction with arts provision in Doncaster and in particular activities of Right Up Our Street. The views expressed reflected the mood of the meeting. In summary the general feeling was:

Arts provision in Doncaster ignored the needs of one group – artists (other than performing).
The provision of facilities did not seem to be driven by need – why are new performance venues being supported when the New Fringe and other groups are continuously asking for a hub around which to develop activity?
There is no confidence in or enthusiasm for visiting or being involved with activity led by or from The Point or DARTS.
On going dissatisfaction with RUOS’s perceived approach of favouring outsiders without supporting equally talented local artists and practitioners.
The danger and pitfalls of becoming a grant chasing and grant dependant group were outlined. The New Fringe was seen as being strong through its independence.
There was a real desire for a centre for artists to meet in and sell their work from. The Rope Walk with its mix of studios, selling space and café was offered as an example.

While also expressing his own concerns, the Chair attempted to pull the discussion together with the following points:

The RUOS programme was for a fixed term (end 2015) and the focus should be on influencing what comes next; seeking to ensure that there was not a linear continuation of the current approach by the Arts Council
Visual Arts and Artists needed a voice and needed to be recognised and supported. He saw the immanent announcement of winners of the latest ‘call’ for projects from RUOS as critical.
Given that we had RUOS we should make one last effort to get benefit from it and should encourage members to make submissions for the DN weekend. Could the annual exhibition be linked to the DN weekend?

Changing subject. There was a strong call for on going New Fringe activity including opportunities to meet and debate. A proposal to hold an ‘Art Off’ received very positive support.

Formal Proceedings

The Chair Proposed that the membership fee be held at £5 per annum this was seconded by Steve Bates and unanimously approved.

The Chair asked if anyone would like to join the committee for 2015.

The Chair formally resigned and in doing so proposed the following committee for 2015.

Chair Person Ian Latham
Deputy Chair Adam Ogden
Treasurer Steve Bates
Member Rosemary Firth
Member Caroline Ogden

The proposal was seconded by Sam Pick and unanimously approved by the meeting.

2015 Programme

The newly appointed Chair paid tribute to the outgoing chair and the efforts made by all the committee members during the past year. The chair will seek to develop dialogue with ROUS and other organisations during his tenure and outlined the following main points of the proposed programme for 2015:

Confinement Exhibition – February
Annual exhibition – July (coincident with DNweekeND)
Art off
Rossington Art Takeover

AGM was closed

Particular thanks to Adam, Kim, Tom and Madeline for staging a great BBQ and to Wes for staying behind to lock-up.

If you would like to pay your subs for 2015 the easy way is via ‘PayPal’ at the following address:

Martin Pick
December 2014

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