Chair’s Diary for December 2014

This is the first of what I hope will be monthly(ish) updates about activities I’ve undertaken on behalf of the new fringe and a listing of opportunities that have arisen from them.  It won’t be the only posts listing opportunities or asking questions, today I’m going to post one or two separately as well.  When I do post I’ll post to this blog, the Facebook group and I’ll tweet the link to the post as well.

The twitter account has had to change because we can’t remember the password. We are now @newfringedon so please follow and we’ll follow back.

At the end of the AGM I said that we would look to communicate better, within the new fringe and with the other arts organisations in Doncaster, and to start that I met with Andrew Loretto from ROUS and Helen Jones and Elaine Hirst from DARTS and the Point.  I had a long and interesting meeting that I will write an extended post about in early January – I need to do some fact checking – that highlighted some opportunities for us in the short and long term.

I also met with Warren Draper and Rachel Horne around the containment exhibition, a call out will be posted shortly.

At the new fringe AGM Andrew Loretto offered to work with a small group of members to explore a bid for funding through ACE to secure studio space and/or exhibition space.  We have competition around the bid for exhibition space and there is already an Arts Council supported organisation with studio space in Artfuel. That said we fell that there is an opportunity to look at a bid and I would ask all members interested in being part of that subgroup to contact with ‘studio subgroup’ in the subject line. I will then send more details in the New Year.

Are you available during the day in February/March 2015?  We may have an opportunity to take over a shop in the Waterdale Shopping centre for a period of 4 to 6 weeks as studio/exhibition space.  You would need to commit to be in the space during the day and we would need to find enough people to cover most week days and at least Saturdays. It would be a good opportunity to show our seriousness regarding the need for studio space and to engage with the public to raise our profile. If you are interested please email with ‘waterdale shop’ in the subject line.

iFinally for this post if anyone would like to get together to discuss a new fringe bid for ROUS DNweekeND – deadline January 16th – please email with DNweekeND in the subject line.  We will then set up a meeting between 5th and 9th January to speak to Andrew Loretto about our ideas and get advice to help us win those bids.  Remember that our Annual Open Exhibition will hopefully coincide with the DNweekeND.

Have a great Christmas!

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