Under the Bed Sale; Cupola Gallery

I had a conversation with Karen  Sherwood today and she mentioned that she was puzzled that few artists from the New Fringe took work to her under the bed sale that starts on 14th January.

Under the Bed Flyer

Why is that?  If anyone wants to arrange to take things to it bear this in mind from Karen…

The Deadline is the 10th January; Appointments need to be made for delivery of the work and the exhibition is ‘Unselected but I reserve the right to refuse things either which are not original pieces of work or are likely to cause offence or are very inappropriate (pet portraits, porn – slightly disturbing juxtaposition there… etc)’

All work must be priced up with RETAIL PRICES, TITLE and/or CODE/ARTIST’s NAME when they arrive at the Gallery.  Maximum of 100 unframed works per artist or 20 framed works or 50 3D items.  Work over 1mx1m we need to know about before it is delivered.

I’ll be sending an email with the Call out and attachments – Delivery Note; Contract; etc., so if you are not on the mailing list email chair.newfringe@gmail.com and I’ll send it on.

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