Chairs Diary January.

As promised in my December diary these are the details of my meeting with DARTS and RUOS in late December.

As the departing chair stated in his introduction to the AGM ‘The New Fringe has had an excellent year and has once again supported its members. It has given them a platform to develop their practice and contributed positively to the development of our local Arts Scene.’ And discussed the dialogue that there had been with the various bodies by the New fringe as an organisation.

After Andrew Loretto kindly came to our AGM, at the former chair’s invitation, he emailed to add some detail to the exchange that took place. During the meeting Andrew advocated for Church View to apply for ACE funding – agreeing with the Chair on this – and offered advisory support if helpful. He also mentioned that New Fringe artists such as Mike Hesp, Rachel Horne, Warren Draper – and indeed also Terry Chipp, Nick Dawson etc. – have had proposals supported through RUOS initiatives such as DNweekeND. He further drew attention to RUOS’s positive working relationship with Rachel Horne and The Doncopolitan magazine.

Andrew Supplied the following details of the way RUOS has and will be allocating funding. In total there have been 53 local artist commissions and 14 external artist commissions. Andrew commented that ‘of course the nature of RUOS and CPP is that all projects make opportunities happen for local people, regardless of who’s leading the work’. (I’ll append a list of the N strand commissions at the end of the article.)

I also talked to Helen Jones about local artist’s involvement with The Point and ‘darts’ during the past four years (between May 2011 and December 2014). The Point has staged 19 exhibitions of which 14 were by or included the work of local artists. At the moment Les Monaghan’s photography exhibition is on and there are other local artists exhibitions arranged this year and next.

The point of my meeting was to follow up on my promise to seek dialogue with RUOS, ‘darts’, The Point and the Arts Council to help develop opportunities for the New Fringe. The concrete proposals that came from this meeting were that Andrew and Helen would like to create an opportunity to try/test collaborations with New Fringe as an organisation rather than just with individual members. To that end we discussed the potential for 7 Kingsgate, Waterdale Centre to become a space to test a potential collaboration. I advertised this opportunity in December’s diary but only one person has responded as yet. We are looking for February/March as dates for this project.

There are other opportunities to be discussed with the group that I will publish in a separate post immediately following this one as they make more sense as a list.

Right Up Our Street – N strand Commissions

Commissions 2013/14/15:
9 Visual Art (Artfuel; Artist films; Aspirations; DN7 Festival; Document RUOS; Mobile Performance Space; My Life Project; Unpacking a Potted History) – 7 local, 2 external
4 Music (Charity Shop DJ; Day of the Dead – rnd; Music Bomb; One Tribe – rnd) – 3 local, 1 external
3 New Writing (Scripted at Cast; Site-responsive Writing; Word on the Streets) – 1 local, 2 external
2 Digital Radio (Right on our Radio – phases 1 & 2) – 2 local
2 Theatre (Balby 1914-2014, Hand in Hand) – 2 external
1 literature/publishing/visual art (The Doncopolitan) – local
1 Dance (Rationale residency) – local
1 Networking (Friday Hangouts) – local

DNweekeND 2014:
16 Visual Art – 14 local, 2 external
11 Music – 10 local, 1 external
4 Dance – 3 local, 1 external
3 Multimedia – 3 local
3 Theatre – 2 local, 1 external
1 Arts & Crafts – local

Open Call commissions 2015 (not publicly announced yet):
1 Visual Art – local
1 Visual Art/Performance – local
1 Theatre – local
1 Performance – external
1 Dance – external

1 literature/publishing/visual art (The Doncopolitan phase 2) – local

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