Social Housing Arts Network – Artists Brief

Thanks to Graham Priestly for highlighting this opportunity.

Subject: Social Housing Arts Network – Artists Brief

Hello all,

Please find attached the fourth artists brief for Guild’s Social Housing Arts Network project.
Social Housing Arts Network is a project funded by the Arts Council through its Strategic Touring fund. Over 18 months Guild will be working with four social housing providers nationally, establishing a model and touring network for socially engaged artists through process-led projects.
We’re excited to announce that we are looking for the fourth of four artist/s to work with us on the project. For this commission we are looking for an artist/s to work with us in Edlington in South West Doncaster over an 8 month period (September 2015 – April 2016). The selected artist/s will work from a central hub point but also with the flexibility to work elsewhere in the immediate community setting to deliver participant focused, high quality artist led activity with the residents. 
We are looking for an artist/s with a strong track record of delivering collaborative, socially engaged art projects within community settings, with a minimum of two years’ experience. 
Deadline for submissions: 5pm Sunday 30th August 2015
Please forward this to your networks and any interested parties, here’s the Arts Jobs link too:
Arts Jobs link
Social Housing Arts Network – Artist Brief

About the project
Social Housing Arts Network is a project funded by the Arts Council through its Strategic Touring fund. In June 2014, Guild was successful in securing funding for an 18-month project beginning August 2014 and running until early 2016. Over the 18-month project, Guild will work with four Social Housing Providers nationally, establishing a model and touring network for artists with an engaged practice through process-led projects.

You can find the project website here:
About Guild
Guild was established in order to deliver a number of long-term projects that were originally developed by artist collective UHC. UHC ceased to take on new commissions and projects in August 2014 but its business structure remains in order to deliver this and other long-term projects.
About St Leger Homes
St Leger Homes is an Arms-Length Management Organisation or ‘ALMO’ created by Doncaster Council to manage and maintain the Council’s 21,000 homes. St Leger Homes is also helping the Council deliver a £300 million housing stock investment programme, which will see all properties meeting the Decent Homes Standard by 2015. Our vision is to create confident communities, in partnership.
We are a not for profit organisation that operates independently from the Council with our own board of directors, who make decisions about the strategic direction of the organisation. The board includes tenant, councillor and independent board members.
Project Activity
By working with Social Housing Providers, residents have the opportunity to take part in projects with artists who want to work on a longer-term basis with communities. Although this way of working isn’t new, it is still not well understood. We want to expand the opportunities available to artists working in this way, and help SHP’s and residents explore the possibilities of these kinds of projects. Each location we are working in has different local nuances and issues, and working with residents, SHP staff and commissioned artists we want to produce work together that speaks for each locality.
The four social housing provider partners we will be working with during this project are Bolton at Home (Bolton), South Yorkshire Housing Association (Sheffield), Poplar HARCA (Tower Hamlets, London) and St Leger Homes (Doncaster).
With this Strategic Touring grant we will deliver the same adaptable model with four venues, with work across the various SHP partners overlapping to ensure an exchange of learning across the project.
The activity with each SHP will be broken down into 3 phases as follows:
Phase 1:

Introduction and re-addressing your local environment – this initial phase of activity involves Guild as project managers and artists engaging with the specific social housing provider and its community. Phase 1 will be delivered over 2 months. (June 2015 – July 2015 in Doncaster)

Phase 2:
Delivering art activity in the area focusing on engaged practice as the art form/work itself. Building on foundations laid during Phase 1.

Phase 2 will be delivered over 6 months. (September 2015 – February 2016 in Doncaster)

Phase 3:
Visual or other outcomes – this final phase focuses on any physical production work by the artists and residents, which will be made as a result of the residency phase 2 period. This will serve as both a celebration event and act as the jumping off point for what might come next. Phase 3 will be delivered over 2 months. (March 2016 – April 2016 in Doncaster)

About the role – St Leger Homes: Edlington, Doncaster.
We wish to commission an artist/s to work with us in Doncaster over an 8-month period (Phases 2 and 3 outlined above). The selected artist/s will work in Edlington from a central hub point but also with the flexibility to work elsewhere in the immediate community setting to deliver participant focused, high quality artist led activity with the residents. The engaged practice and participation with the residents will be process focused, although there will be physical visual (or other) art outcomes to showcase during Phase 3. This will be developed with the residents during Phase 2.
 In addition to this you will be expected to assist Guild in the on-going documentation of the project, as the creation of an advocacy document is key to the furthering of the ideas, relationships and practices of the Social Housing Arts Network.
Guild have already established relationships within the community, and working alongside St Leger Homes staff, residents, and other partners working within the community, have identified the following focus for the project:
The geographical focus for the project is Edlington, a former mining village to the South West of Doncaster. For this project there is a particular focus on the area around the Martin Wells Centre, the former Thompson Avenue/Dixon Road area, demolished in the last decade and set to have 106 new houses built on site, with construction commencing around the time we hope to have an artist in place. The development of this new community alongside the existing ones in Edlington, and specifically the immediate neighbours at the Swallowdale Extra Care facility, Martin Wells Centre (library and doctors) and the recently beautified Martin Wells Lake is the focus for the project. Despite the new homes not being built or populated yet, there are many other local starting point to explore in relation to how new people and ideas can work alongside the existing community groups, and how a project like this can help people find out what is going on, how to get involved, and contribute to Edlington.
This is an open brief within the constraints set out here, as we are looking for someone who can demonstrate the right balance of inventiveness and ability to bring together local strands to build a coherent overall project. The project will draw on existing or proposed local projects, new ideas from new communities, and the successful artist’s ideas, developed with the people we wish to engage.
We are especially interested in how this project links in with and supports existing local community organising, and how relationships with other activity could be established to continue beyond the project.
Experience and person specification
We are looking for an artist/s with a strong track record of delivering collaborative, socially engaged art projects within community settings, with a minimum of two years’ experience.
It is essential that the artist is experienced in working within a culturally diverse community setting and able to confidently and sensitively develop relationships with residents and partners throughout the project.
This is the final artist brief for Social Housing Arts Network, with projects within Bolton, Sheffield and London already inprogress. The staggering of the project in the four locations allows the opportunity to learn from other artists and approaches throughout the project.
Duration & Fee
Artist fee: £4480
The commission will begin in September 2015 and run until April 2016.

The artist will be expected to deliver 24 days of activity during Phase 2 and 4 days in the development of the showcase event during Phase 3. The commission fee below covers planning and delivery and artists will be expected to attend regular steering group meetings, which will take place in Edlington, and to contribute to project documentation. And evaluation. There is an additional budget for materials and artist travel costs.

Other requirements
The artist and members of the artist team will be required to have evidence of a current Disclosure and Barring Service / Criminal Records Bureau check.
The artist will be required to have adequate insurance to cover all risks, product and public liability. Evidence of this insurance must be produced.
Physical artwork should be safe and fit for purpose with an appropriate quality of materials and workmanship for its function. Where appropriate proper Health and Safety (particularly Construction, Design and Management regulations (2007) if they are deemed to apply) and working practices should be observed.
How to apply
To apply please submit the following to:
– CV with the details of two referees

– An artist statement outlining why you are interested in this project and your approach to the brief – giving examples of relevant past projects along with images.

Deadline for submissions: 5pm Sun 30th Aug
Shortlisting for interview will take place w/b 31st August Interviews will be held in Edlington on 11th Sep 


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Open Exhibition Hand in

 20th June 10:30 am until 4:00 pm at Church View.

Prizes this year £100, £75 and £50


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Chair’s Diary May 2015

Three things to inform you about this month, the summer exhibition, the Rossington Art Takeover and the thorny issue of insurance.


First, the summer show will once again be at Church View, each member can submit two works this year as our space is reduced. The exhibition will run from Saturday 27th June until Sunday 12th July, we’ll be looking for volunteer invigilators between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm and for two late nights, Thursday 2nd July and Thursday 9th July until 7:30 pm. Work should be dropped off at Church view on Saturday 20th June between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm. You’ll hear more about this shortly.


The New Fringe is supporting the Rossington Art Takeover at Rossington Labour Club. Building on a successful 2013 Art Take Over, Rossington based artists Caroline and Adam Ogden, in collaboration with seven artists are bringing a poignant exhibition titled ‘What’s Left?’ exploring the legacy of the South Yorkshire Mining industry to South Yorkshire.  The exhibition features, painting, drawing, photography and sculpture and will be available to see at the Club from 22ndMay to 5th June.

Adam Ogden states: “The opening day will be packed with creative activity and events, all of which have a contemporary focus. The day starts with an open photographic studio, collecting images and comment from people of all ages effected by the events of 1984. This will be followed by practical drawing sessions for everyone to get involved in. A series of short talks will then be given by local artists. The day culminates in open discussion following the screening of the ‘Docufest’ award winning film ‘Still The Enemy Within’.

Thanks to the generosity of the Labour Club the events are free and anyone will be welcome to attend. Martin Pick comments: “It offers a real opportunity for contemporary art lovers and those with an interest in social history to meet share ideas and build creative collaborations.” 

Here’s what to expect on the 22nd of May, the opening day of the event:

11:00 to 12:30 Art for the Scared – Portraits from Rossington 

13:30 to 14:30 What’s Left? Open Studio – Tell Your Story 

15:00 to 17:00 Artists Stories 15 min from each

18:30 to 20:30 Introduction then screening of the film “Still the Enemy Within”

20:30 onwards Open discussion*


Finally the New Fringe has joined the SAA for the express purpose of providing public liability insurance.  Members can benefit from this insurance at any event that the New Fringe organises.  This doesn’t mean the committee, a group of members can set up an event and use this insurance – just get in touch and we’ll explain the detail.  Members have to be current and the names registered with the SAA so make sure you get your renewal in on time. 

Please note that this is Public Liability insurance only, we will not be insuring members work at exhibitions, including the summer show, and advise all members to take out their own insurance to cover transportation and exhibition. You can find good deals for this insurance through Artists Newsletter or the SAA.


*Thanks to Martin Pick for the quote from the press release.


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Chairs Diary January.

As promised in my December diary these are the details of my meeting with DARTS and RUOS in late December.

As the departing chair stated in his introduction to the AGM ‘The New Fringe has had an excellent year and has once again supported its members. It has given them a platform to develop their practice and contributed positively to the development of our local Arts Scene.’ And discussed the dialogue that there had been with the various bodies by the New fringe as an organisation.

After Andrew Loretto kindly came to our AGM, at the former chair’s invitation, he emailed to add some detail to the exchange that took place. During the meeting Andrew advocated for Church View to apply for ACE funding – agreeing with the Chair on this – and offered advisory support if helpful. He also mentioned that New Fringe artists such as Mike Hesp, Rachel Horne, Warren Draper – and indeed also Terry Chipp, Nick Dawson etc. – have had proposals supported through RUOS initiatives such as DNweekeND. He further drew attention to RUOS’s positive working relationship with Rachel Horne and The Doncopolitan magazine.

Andrew Supplied the following details of the way RUOS has and will be allocating funding. In total there have been 53 local artist commissions and 14 external artist commissions. Andrew commented that ‘of course the nature of RUOS and CPP is that all projects make opportunities happen for local people, regardless of who’s leading the work’. (I’ll append a list of the N strand commissions at the end of the article.)

I also talked to Helen Jones about local artist’s involvement with The Point and ‘darts’ during the past four years (between May 2011 and December 2014). The Point has staged 19 exhibitions of which 14 were by or included the work of local artists. At the moment Les Monaghan’s photography exhibition is on and there are other local artists exhibitions arranged this year and next.

The point of my meeting was to follow up on my promise to seek dialogue with RUOS, ‘darts’, The Point and the Arts Council to help develop opportunities for the New Fringe. The concrete proposals that came from this meeting were that Andrew and Helen would like to create an opportunity to try/test collaborations with New Fringe as an organisation rather than just with individual members. To that end we discussed the potential for 7 Kingsgate, Waterdale Centre to become a space to test a potential collaboration. I advertised this opportunity in December’s diary but only one person has responded as yet. We are looking for February/March as dates for this project.

There are other opportunities to be discussed with the group that I will publish in a separate post immediately following this one as they make more sense as a list.

Right Up Our Street – N strand Commissions

Commissions 2013/14/15:
9 Visual Art (Artfuel; Artist films; Aspirations; DN7 Festival; Document RUOS; Mobile Performance Space; My Life Project; Unpacking a Potted History) – 7 local, 2 external
4 Music (Charity Shop DJ; Day of the Dead – rnd; Music Bomb; One Tribe – rnd) – 3 local, 1 external
3 New Writing (Scripted at Cast; Site-responsive Writing; Word on the Streets) – 1 local, 2 external
2 Digital Radio (Right on our Radio – phases 1 & 2) – 2 local
2 Theatre (Balby 1914-2014, Hand in Hand) – 2 external
1 literature/publishing/visual art (The Doncopolitan) – local
1 Dance (Rationale residency) – local
1 Networking (Friday Hangouts) – local

DNweekeND 2014:
16 Visual Art – 14 local, 2 external
11 Music – 10 local, 1 external
4 Dance – 3 local, 1 external
3 Multimedia – 3 local
3 Theatre – 2 local, 1 external
1 Arts & Crafts – local

Open Call commissions 2015 (not publicly announced yet):
1 Visual Art – local
1 Visual Art/Performance – local
1 Theatre – local
1 Performance – external
1 Dance – external

1 literature/publishing/visual art (The Doncopolitan phase 2) – local

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Under the Bed Sale; Cupola Gallery

I had a conversation with Karen  Sherwood today and she mentioned that she was puzzled that few artists from the New Fringe took work to her under the bed sale that starts on 14th January.

Under the Bed Flyer

Why is that?  If anyone wants to arrange to take things to it bear this in mind from Karen…

The Deadline is the 10th January; Appointments need to be made for delivery of the work and the exhibition is ‘Unselected but I reserve the right to refuse things either which are not original pieces of work or are likely to cause offence or are very inappropriate (pet portraits, porn – slightly disturbing juxtaposition there… etc)’

All work must be priced up with RETAIL PRICES, TITLE and/or CODE/ARTIST’s NAME when they arrive at the Gallery.  Maximum of 100 unframed works per artist or 20 framed works or 50 3D items.  Work over 1mx1m we need to know about before it is delivered.

I’ll be sending an email with the Call out and attachments – Delivery Note; Contract; etc., so if you are not on the mailing list email and I’ll send it on.

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Chair’s Diary for December 2014

This is the first of what I hope will be monthly(ish) updates about activities I’ve undertaken on behalf of the new fringe and a listing of opportunities that have arisen from them.  It won’t be the only posts listing opportunities or asking questions, today I’m going to post one or two separately as well.  When I do post I’ll post to this blog, the Facebook group and I’ll tweet the link to the post as well.

The twitter account has had to change because we can’t remember the password. We are now @newfringedon so please follow and we’ll follow back.

At the end of the AGM I said that we would look to communicate better, within the new fringe and with the other arts organisations in Doncaster, and to start that I met with Andrew Loretto from ROUS and Helen Jones and Elaine Hirst from DARTS and the Point.  I had a long and interesting meeting that I will write an extended post about in early January – I need to do some fact checking – that highlighted some opportunities for us in the short and long term.

I also met with Warren Draper and Rachel Horne around the containment exhibition, a call out will be posted shortly.

At the new fringe AGM Andrew Loretto offered to work with a small group of members to explore a bid for funding through ACE to secure studio space and/or exhibition space.  We have competition around the bid for exhibition space and there is already an Arts Council supported organisation with studio space in Artfuel. That said we fell that there is an opportunity to look at a bid and I would ask all members interested in being part of that subgroup to contact with ‘studio subgroup’ in the subject line. I will then send more details in the New Year.

Are you available during the day in February/March 2015?  We may have an opportunity to take over a shop in the Waterdale Shopping centre for a period of 4 to 6 weeks as studio/exhibition space.  You would need to commit to be in the space during the day and we would need to find enough people to cover most week days and at least Saturdays. It would be a good opportunity to show our seriousness regarding the need for studio space and to engage with the public to raise our profile. If you are interested please email with ‘waterdale shop’ in the subject line.

iFinally for this post if anyone would like to get together to discuss a new fringe bid for ROUS DNweekeND – deadline January 16th – please email with DNweekeND in the subject line.  We will then set up a meeting between 5th and 9th January to speak to Andrew Loretto about our ideas and get advice to help us win those bids.  Remember that our Annual Open Exhibition will hopefully coincide with the DNweekeND.

Have a great Christmas!

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AGM Minutes

The New Fringe AGM 1st December 2014
Church View

The meeting opened with an introduction of 2014 committee members

Martin Pick- Chair
Adam Ogden – Deputy Chair
Steve Bates- Treasurer
Rosemary Firth – Committee Member
Caroline Ogden – Committee Member

Thank were expressed to everybody attending with approximately 50 people present and to the 10 plus people who had emailed in with apologies for not being able to attend.

Thanks were also extended to DCDT for the use of Church View and for their continued support and encouragement.

Look back on 2014

The Chair gave a review of activity during 2014 and thanked all members for their support and contribution. The New Fringe has had an excellent year and has once again supported its members. It has given them a platform to develop their practice and contributed positively to the development of our local Arts Scene.
The Chair confirmed his intention to resign at the meeting and take up his place as a supportive and active member. He thanked the committee for their efforts and support and expressed enthusiasm for the future development group under the proposed new committee.
Steve Bates thanked the Chair for his efforts.

Financial report

The treasurer provided a summary of the group’s positive membership and financial position.
Membership is steady at 100 to 150
Membership of the Facebook Group has reached 100 and although encouraged to do so not all of the Group members have taken out New Fringe membership
The bank balance is steady at £4,500
A slight reduction in funds has occurred on the year following the purchase of 20 easels

Open Discussion

A lively discussion took place.

Invited by the Chair, Andrew Loretto provided an overview of the planned 2015 DN weekend and invited New Fringe members to make proposals. The deadline for applications is 16th January 2015.

Several members responded by expressing their dissatisfaction with arts provision in Doncaster and in particular activities of Right Up Our Street. The views expressed reflected the mood of the meeting. In summary the general feeling was:

Arts provision in Doncaster ignored the needs of one group – artists (other than performing).
The provision of facilities did not seem to be driven by need – why are new performance venues being supported when the New Fringe and other groups are continuously asking for a hub around which to develop activity?
There is no confidence in or enthusiasm for visiting or being involved with activity led by or from The Point or DARTS.
On going dissatisfaction with RUOS’s perceived approach of favouring outsiders without supporting equally talented local artists and practitioners.
The danger and pitfalls of becoming a grant chasing and grant dependant group were outlined. The New Fringe was seen as being strong through its independence.
There was a real desire for a centre for artists to meet in and sell their work from. The Rope Walk with its mix of studios, selling space and café was offered as an example.

While also expressing his own concerns, the Chair attempted to pull the discussion together with the following points:

The RUOS programme was for a fixed term (end 2015) and the focus should be on influencing what comes next; seeking to ensure that there was not a linear continuation of the current approach by the Arts Council
Visual Arts and Artists needed a voice and needed to be recognised and supported. He saw the immanent announcement of winners of the latest ‘call’ for projects from RUOS as critical.
Given that we had RUOS we should make one last effort to get benefit from it and should encourage members to make submissions for the DN weekend. Could the annual exhibition be linked to the DN weekend?

Changing subject. There was a strong call for on going New Fringe activity including opportunities to meet and debate. A proposal to hold an ‘Art Off’ received very positive support.

Formal Proceedings

The Chair Proposed that the membership fee be held at £5 per annum this was seconded by Steve Bates and unanimously approved.

The Chair asked if anyone would like to join the committee for 2015.

The Chair formally resigned and in doing so proposed the following committee for 2015.

Chair Person Ian Latham
Deputy Chair Adam Ogden
Treasurer Steve Bates
Member Rosemary Firth
Member Caroline Ogden

The proposal was seconded by Sam Pick and unanimously approved by the meeting.

2015 Programme

The newly appointed Chair paid tribute to the outgoing chair and the efforts made by all the committee members during the past year. The chair will seek to develop dialogue with ROUS and other organisations during his tenure and outlined the following main points of the proposed programme for 2015:

Confinement Exhibition – February
Annual exhibition – July (coincident with DNweekeND)
Art off
Rossington Art Takeover

AGM was closed

Particular thanks to Adam, Kim, Tom and Madeline for staging a great BBQ and to Wes for staying behind to lock-up.

If you would like to pay your subs for 2015 the easy way is via ‘PayPal’ at the following address:

Martin Pick
December 2014

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What’s Left?

A number of New Fringe artists have collaborated to explore the legacy of the 1984 Miners’ Strike.

Please join us for the opening event or drop in anytime up until 4th January.


ML 16-2

without fear or favour




Maltby CKP 01-2

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Presentation Night – Open Exhibition 2014

Around a hundred members and friends of the New Fringe gathered at Church View to celebrate the fantastic art on display and to discover who had been selected by the judges to win a prize.

Thanks to our hosts Doncaster Central Development Trust and exhibition sponsors Merryweathers Estate Agents.

The awards were judged by Denise Fahmy (Arts Council England), Robert Eaton (Creative Director at russel eaton lifestyle salon & spa) and Steve Barnes (Barnes Graphic Design).

1st Rachel Horne – 1984


2nd Dave Williams  – TDNY
3rd Emily Rowley – Series of ceramic figures
Highly Commended Simon Lewis – Merrion House
Highly Commended Madeline Pick – Anthem for Spurn Point

Musical entertainment was provided by the wonderful Michael Jenkinson.




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Open Exhibition 2014






A few images from the New Fringe’s Open Ehibition held at Church View in Doncaster – the exhibition runs until 12th July and is open Wednesday to Saturday 10.30am to 4.00pm.





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